20th Anniversary CD for Libraries

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CD Insert.jpg

20th Anniversary CD for Libraries


EXCELLENT RESOURCE for libraries, both U.S. and International!

LOGIA in PDF format on 1 CD

Volumes 1:1 (1992) through 21:3 (2012)

PDF format for PC or Mac

80 issues, including those out of print.


Word search between journals

Easy access to any issue or article

Colored for better screen viewing (easy-to-find headings, etc.)

Linked indexes of all 80 issues (Articles by title and author, Reviews by title and author, and LOGIA Forum by title)

Listing of all issue titles

All documents have links and bookmarks

All index entries and Contents page items are linked for instant viewing of any article, review, Forum piece, or Inklings cartoon

All issues are indexed so that word searches can be done across documents.

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