The Pieper Lectures: Church Fellowship

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Pieper Lectures Vol 2.JPG
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The Pieper Lectures: Church Fellowship

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A series of lectures in honor of Dr. Francis Pieper, sponsored by Concordia Historical Institute and the Luther Academy, on topics addressing current issues in the church

The Pieper Lectures: Volume 2, 1997

Church Fellowship

Paperback, 117 pages


Church Fellowship in the Early Church
William C. Weinrich

The Future of Church Fellowship: A Confessional Proposal
Charles P. Arand

Confessing Koinonia: Martin Chemnitz on Church Fellowship: Does Church Fellowship Still Matter?
Scott Bruzek

Francis Pieper on Church Fellowship
Kurt Marquart

Church Fellowship in the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference in North America
Erling T. Teigen

The ELCA and Its Predecessors: Their Past and Its Future View of Church Fellowship
David A. Gustafson

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