The Pieper Lectures: Lutheran Catholicity

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Pieper Lectures Vol 5.JPG
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The Pieper Lectures: Lutheran Catholicity

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A series of lectures in honor of Dr. Francis Pieper, sponsored by Concordia Historical Institute and the Luther Academy, on topics addressing current issues in the church

The Pieper Lectures: Volume 5, 2000

Lutheran Catholicity

Paperback, 116 pages


The Lutheran Reformation and the Early Church
William Weinrich

The Lutheran Reformers' Understanding of the Historical Deformation of the Church
Cameron A. MacKenzie

Catholic or Heretic? Martin Luther as Rebel and Reformer
John A. Maxfield

Catholicity in Missourian Orthodoxy
Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.

"That They May Be One": Lutheran Interpretation of John 17 from the Reformation to Today
Bruce G. Schuchard

The Catholicity of Lutheran Worship: Where the Rubber Keeps Hitting the Road
Paul J. Grim

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