The Pieper Lectures: Pietism and Lutheranism

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Pieper Lectures Vol 3.JPG
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The Pieper Lectures: Pietism and Lutheranism

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A series of lectures in honor of Dr. Francis Pieper, sponsored by Concordia Historical Institute and the Luther Academy, on topics addressing current issues in the church

The Pieper Lectures: Volume 3, 1998

Pietism and Lutheranism

Paperback, 184 pages


Quantifiable Righteousness: Justification and Regeneration in Pietist Thought
Gerald Krispin

The Roots and Fruits of German Pietism
Ronald Feuerhahn

An Orthodox Lutheran Response to Pietism: An Introduction to the Work of Valentin Loescher
Paul McCain

Warm Winds from the South: The Spread of Pietism to Scandinavian Lutherans
Wilhelm Petersen

Pietism and Neo-Pietism in Nineteenth-Century American Lutheranism
Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.

Liturgy and Pietism: Then and Now
John T. Pless

Japan and Pietism
Naomichi Masaki

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