The Pieper Lectures: The Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation

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Pieper Lectures Vol 11.JPG
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The Pieper Lectures: The Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation

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A series of lectures in honor of Dr. Francis Pieper, sponsored by Concordia Historical Institute and the Luther Academy, on topics addressing current issues in the church.

The Pieper Lectures: Volume 11, 2006

The Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation

Paperback, 97 pages


Higher Education and Vocation: The Universiry of Wittenberg (1517-1533) between Renaissance and Reform
Timothy J. Wengert

The Lutheran Vocation of Citizen in America Today
David L. Adams

Protector, Leader, and Benefactor: The Modern Lutheran Lay Leader in the Shoes of the Lutheran Prince
Christian A. Preus

Dependable Treasure: a Lutheran Perspective on Vocation, Career Preparation, and Higher Education Today
Gene Edward Veith

The Westminster Handicap
Uwe Siemon-Netto

The Catechism as the Handbook for the Vocation of the Laity in Worship and Prayer
John T. Pless

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