11-1 A Symposium on Prayer and Fellowship

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11-1 A Symposium on Prayer and Fellowship


Epiphany 2002: Volume 11, Number 1


Luther and the Our Father
Peter Berg

Sharing His Meal, Proclaiming His Death: Five Fundamental Theses on Fellowship
Brian Hamer

Called To Common Mission: A Lutheran Proposal?
Mark D.Menacher

Private Confession and Absolution with an Introduction by the Translator
Wilhelm Loehe, Kevin G.Walker, trans.

With Angels and Archangels: Some Thoughts on Real-Time Worship
Dean M. Bell


REVIEW ESSAY: The Sum of Our Discontent: Why Numbers Make Us Irrational
By David Boyle. Review by Kevin D. Vogts

Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization
By Alvin J. Schmidt. Review by Mark F. Bartling

The Thessalonians Debate: Methodological Discord or Methodological Synthesis?
Edited by Karl P. Donfried and Johannes Beutler. Review by Charles A. Gieschen


  • Unity in Doctrine
  • Inerrancy: Finding a Place in the Symphony of Salvation
  • Music as an Adiaphoron
  • Testament, not Covenant
  • Too Little Lutheranism
  • Close is Closed
  • The Liturgy: A Place for Relationships
  • One Divine Service
  • The Vatican and JDDJ
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