11-4 Wittenberg & Geneva

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11-4 Wittenberg & Geneva


Reformation 2002: Volume 11, Number 4


Union and Confession (March 1934)
Hermann Sasse Translated by Gerald S. Krispin

The Person of Christ as Confessed by the Session
Albert B. Collver III

Justification by Grace through Faith: Do Wittenberg and Geneva See Eye to Eye?
Armand J. Boehme

Justification for the Dead? Tensions Between Joint Declaration of the Doctrine of Justification and Mass for the Dead
Carl E. Rockrohr

Early and Late Luther: A Calvinist Perspective on Luther's Evolution
Shane Rosenthal


REVIEW ESSAY: Confession and Mission, Word and Sacrament: The Ecclesial Theology of Wilhelm Loehe
By David C. Ratke. Review by Klaus Detlev Schulz

By David P. Scaer. Review by David Saar

Law, Life, and the Living God: The Third Use of the Law in Modern American Lutheranism
By Scott R.Murray. Review by David P. Scaer

Not unto Us: A Celebration of the Ministry of Kurt J. Eggert
Edited by W. H. Braun and V. H. Prange. Review by Daniel Zager

Isaiah 40-66
By John A. Braun. The People's Bible. Review by Chad L. Bird

Law and Gospel: Philip Melanchthon's Debate with John Agricola of Eisleben over Poenitentia
By Timothy J.Wengert. Review by Armin Wenz

Scripture and Tradition. Lutherans and Catholics in Dialogue IX
Edited by H. C. Skillrud, J. F. Stafford, and D. F. Martensen. Review by Armin Wenz


  • The Origin of Indulgences
  • Credal Hymns
  • The Idealization of Poverty
  • Consummatum Est
  • The LCMS and Syncretism
  • An Immense Response
  • Pastor and People
  • Paedologia
  • Bonhoeffer's Vision Statement
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