12-1 After Ten Years...

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12-1 After Ten Years...


Epiphany 2003: Volume 12, Number 1


Lured from the Water, the Little Fish Perish
Norman Nagel

The Lord's Supper as a Sacrificial Banquet
John W. Kleinig

The Issue of Church Fellowship and Unionism in the Missouri Synod and Its Associated Churches
Kurt Marquart

Church Discipline in Early Missouri and Lutheran Identity
Daniel Preus

Missouri's Identity Crisis: Rootless in America
David P. Scaer

An American Application of Luther's Doctrine of the Two Realms The Relationship of Government to the Institutional Church
Arnold J. Koelpin

The Rise and Fall of State Churches in Europe
Jobst Schoene


REVIEW ESSAY:  All Theology Is Christology: Essays in Honor of David P. Scaer
Edited by Dean O.Wenthe [et al.]. Review by Timothy D.May

Ambrose of Milan's Method of Mystagogical Preaching
By Craig A. Satterlee. Review by Edward O. Grimenstein

The Bible in Translation: Ancient and English Versions
By Bruce M.Metzger. Review by Mark Braden


  • Epiphany Mass
  • Cruciform Shepherding
  • Academy of Apologetics
  • Worship and Doctrine
  • NELA 2002 Symposium
  • Awash in Multiculturalism
  • Evaluating Sunday School Curricula
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