12-4 Wittenberg & Canterbury

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12-4 Wittenberg & Canterbury


Reformation 2003: Volume 12, Number 4


The Henrician Reformation and the Anglo-Lutheran Dialogues of 1535-1540
Korey D. Maas

"But We've Always Done It That Way!": Wittenberg and Canterbury on Tradition
Armand Boehme

You Taught the Book of Life My Name: Johann Gerhard, George Herbert, and the Inscription of Holy Baptism
Erik Ankerberg

The Ordination of Women Pastors
David P. Scaer

Closed Communion, Sin, and Salvation
Piotyr J.Malysz


REVIEW ESSAY: Gifts That Differ: Lay Ministries Established and Unestablished
By David N. Power. Review by Armand J. Boehme

The Justification Reader
By Thomas C. Oden. Review by Klaus Detlev Schulz

The Forgotten God
Edited by A. Andrew Das and Frank Matera. Review by Peter Scaer

Revelation and the End of All Things
By Craig R. Koester. Review by Charles A. Gieschen

Matthias Flacius and the Survival of Luther's Reform
By Oliver K. Olson. Review by Dean M. Bell

The Theology of the Cross for the Twenty-First Century: Signposts for a Multicultural Witness
Edited by A. L. Garc'a and A. R.V. Raj. Review by Holger Sonntag

The Resurrection of the Son of God
By N. T.Wright. Review by Jack D. Kilcrease III

The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer's Quest for the Gospel
By Craig A. Parton. Review by Harold L. Senkbeil


  • The Lutheran Church in Great Britain
  • It Was Not So
  • The Black Rubric
  • Autodidaktoi
  • Cambridge Declaration
  • Consubstantiation and Impanation
  • Flawed Vessels
  • He Keeps Coming
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