2-4 Scripture & Authority in the Church

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2-4 Scripture & Authority in the Church


Reformation 1993: Volume 2, Number 4


John R. Stephenson

The Church and the Word of God
Hermann Sasse, Translated by Matthew Harrison

Luther on Verbal Inspiration: A Critical Review
Tom G.A. Hardt

The Word as Means of Grace
Leiv Aalen, Translated by Charles J. Evanson

Confessional Lutheranism versus Philippistic Conservatism
Erling T. Teigen

Interim Theology and Confessional Integrity
William E. Thompson

Declining Denominational Loyalty
Ken Schurb

Gender Considerations on the Pastoral Office: In Light of 1 Corinthians 14:33-36 and 1 Timothy 2:8-14
Robert W. Schaibley


Robert D. Preus: A Correction and Some Comments

Leigh Jordahl: Angels

Bjarne Teigen Responds 

John S. Bruss: Ephesians 2:10 and Sanctification 


Review Essay: META-CHURCH and Its Implications for a Confessional Lutheran Church

Prepare Your Church for the Future
By Carl George

Lutherans in Crisis: The Question of Identity in the American Republic
By David Gustafson

Patriarchal Politics and Christoph Kress 1484-1535
By Jonathan W. Zophy

Luther and Liberation 5
By Walter Altmann

The Doctrine of the Call in the Confessions and Lutheran Orthodoxy
By Robert D. Preus


  • A Broken Net 
  • The Means for Mission
  • The Church Enters the Cola Wars
  • A Devil in the Pulpit
  • Open Communion as Ex Opere Operato
  • The Ministry: Professional or Confessional?
  • Outmoded Condemnations?
  • Theses on Open Questions
  • Lutheran Hymnal, Jr.
  • Empty Hearing
  • God's Service to Us
  • From Mega to Meta
  • Bedside Manners
  • Surfing the Internet
  • England Divided
  • Scripture and Confession
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