23-2 Holy Baptism

23-2 cover.jpg
23-2 cover.jpg

23-2 Holy Baptism


Eastertide 2014: Volume 23, Number 2


The Baptismal Moment
William M. Cwirla

Ego Te Baptizo: The Church's Liturgy As Instrument of the Baptizing God, Part 1
Charles L. Cortright

Baptismal Theology That Sings: Rhetorical Analysis of Bach's Cantata for Ascension
Thomas E. Lock

The Faith of Unbaptized Infants in Bugenhagen's On Unborn Children
Karl R. Hess

Neither Male Nor Female (Gal. 3:28): From the Church Postil, Epistle for New Year's Day
Martin Luther

The Sacramentality of Private Absolution
Jody A. Rinas


Review Essay: The Reform of Baptism and Confirmation in American Lutheranism
By Jeffrey A. Truscott. Review by Armand J. Boehme

Bonnhoeffer's Intellectual Formation: Theology and Philosophy in His Thought
Edited by Peter Frick. Review by John T. Pless

Edited by Bo Kristian Holm and Peter Widmann. Review by John T. Pless


  • Dr. Luther the Whetstone
  • Absenting Christ from His Church
  • More Repentence! Really? Is That What the Church Needs?
  • Long, Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, There Was a...Heresy Trial
  • Jesus As Gift and Example
  • Mormonism Is Christian? Really?
  • Paradigm Shift—Hermeneutic Shift—Vice Versa
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