25-3 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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25-3 cover.jpg

25-3 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Holy Trinity 2016: Volume 25, Number 3

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Wade Johnston


God's Presence in His Temporal Kingdom 
Gene Edward Veith

Life, Liberty, and Flourishing
Michael Berg

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men: The Lutheran Legacy of Resistance
Wade Johnston

A Tale of the Two Kingdoms: Church-state relations in Latvia since 1900
Voldemars Laucins

Should We Rejoice in the End of Christendom? A Law-Gospel Approach to the Rise of Western Secularism
Jack D. Kilcrease

Doctrine and Worship in Ethiopia
Frederic W. Baue


Review: Theology as Science in Nineteenth-Century Germany: From F.C. Baur to Ernst Troeltsch
By Johannes Zachhuber. Review by James Ambrose Lee II

Review: History of Christian Dogma
By Ferdinand Christian Baur. Translated by Robert Brown and Peter Hodgson.  Review by Jack Kilcrease

Review: Who Chose the Gospels? Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy
By C.E. Hill. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Review: Hanging by a Promise: The Hidden God in the Theology of Oswald Bayer
By Joshua C. Miller. Review by Jerome Klotz

Review: Postilla (1613), Teil 1, 1. Advent bis Judica
By Johann Gerhard. Review by Armin Wenz

Review: The Saving Truth: Doctrine for Laypeople
By Kurt E. Marquart. Review by Timothy Koch


  • Free-Standing Altars: A Reformation Ideal
  • Ecclesial Boats on Stormy Seas
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Do Christians Worship Allah?
  • Bo Giertz's Hammer of God and the Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel
  • A Sermon on Psalm 46
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