26-4 Why I Am a Lutheran

26-4 cover.jpg
26-4 cover.jpg

26-4 Why I Am a Lutheran


Reformation 2017: Volume 26, Number 4

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Aaron Moldenhauer


Why I Am a Lutheran
Jarle Blindheim

God's Word Remains the Norm for Preaching, Witnessing, and Edification within the Lutheran Church
M.N. Mntambo

Why Am I a Lutheran? The Ongoing Ministry of the Risen Christ!
Kenneth Wieting

Why I Am a Lutheran: Perspectives from Three College Professors
Angela Ebeling, Kristi Meyer, Rebecca J. Parker Fedewa

Why I Became and Have Remained a Lutheran
R. Neely Owen

Why Am I a Lutheran?: Reflections from a Korean Theology Professor
Tom Park

Lutheranism as The City of Light: Elegant and Beautifully Arranged
Dennis Marzolf

Luther on the Jews: A Three-Phase Journey in His Thinking
Bradley C. Jenson

Colloquium Fratrum

Clint Stark: Response to John G. Nordling

John G. Nordling: Response to Clint Stark


Fruit for the Soul: Luther on the Lament Psalms.
By Dennis Ngien. Review by Kevin Belter

Sexual Morality in a Christless World.
By Matthew Rueger. Review by Gary W. Zieroth

The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures.
Edited by D. A. Carson. Review by John T. Pless

The Pilgrim.
By Frederic W. Baue. Review by Nathaniel S. Jensen


  • Speaking to the Elements or to the People?
  • Reserving Absolution Only for the Clergy?
  • Und ist kein ander Gott — ” And There’s No Other God”!
  • Foundational Texts
  • Essence of Lutheranism
  • Joseph’s Beautiful Absolution
  • Self-Construction Ends with Self-Destruction
  • Points from Luther’s Commentary on Psalm 51 for Pastoral Theology
  • A Lutheran — Why?
  • Baptism and the Problem of Time
  • Why I’m Lutheran
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