Call for Manuscripts

The editors hereby request article manuscripts, book reviews, and forum material for the following issues (more information about these themes can be found on our Upcoming Themes page):

Issue                                          Theme                                                                        Deadline

Eastertide 2020                         Death and Dying                                                       September 1, 2019

Holy Trinity 2020                     Christology                                                                 December 1, 2019

Epiphany 2021 Conscience and Religious Liberty June 1, 2020

Eastertide 2021                         Lutherans and the Arts                                            September 1, 2020

Holy Trinity 2021                     Genesis                                                                  December 1, 2020

Reformation 2021 Pastoral Formation and Practice Today March 1, 2021

Epiphany 2022 Eastern Religions June 1, 2021

Eastertide 2022                         Lutherans and Philosophy                                      September 1, 2021

Holy Trinity 2022                     Diversity, Pluralism, and Universalism            December 1, 2021

Reformation 2022 Pentecostalism March 1, 2022

Submission Guidelines

LOGIA is happy to receive unsolicited manuscripts. Before submitting an article, please read several issues of LOGIA and/or read the articles that are available online at to see the subjects we treat and the way we treat them. You may also ask the senior editor about an article that you want to submit, if you are not sure whether it will work for LOGIA. Please understand that a positive response does not guarantee that your article will be published. All manuscripts are subject to peer review and editorial modification.

Please prepare your article in accordance with LOGIA’s Manuscript Preparation/Style Guide (PDF).

All submissions must be accompanied by a 300-word or less abstract of the article.

Manuscripts should be typed in Microsoft Word, single-spaced. Please use only one space after periods and other punctuation. Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Please use parentheses for references to Bible passages and quotations from the Lutheran Confessions and Luther’s Works. Keep notes short. Provide only pertinent documentation. Long discursive footnotes are discouraged and are subject to editorial revision or removal.

Article Length:

Feature articles (including notes) should be between 18,000 and 28,000 characters (3,000 to 5,000 words). LOGIA does not accept simultaneous submissions or previously published materials, including material published on the author’s own web site.

Book review essays should be between 7,000 and 12,000 characters (1500 to 2500 words).

Book reviews should be no more than 5,000 characters (1000 words).

Shorter articles for LOGIA Forum should be no more than 10,000 characters (2000 words).

Please include your contact information: email address, postal address, and phone number.

Send your manuscript to our senior editor.

Send all other submissions to the appropriate editor.

It is not necessary to submit a hard copy.

If your article is printed in LOGIA, you will receive two complimentary copies of that issue. Additional copies may be purchased.