21-3 LOGIA After Twenty Years (ePub)

21-3 cover.jpg
21-3 cover.jpg

21-3 LOGIA After Twenty Years (ePub)


Holy Trinity 2012: Volume 21, Number 3

ePub version


FOREWORD: LOGIA After Twenty Years: A Free Conference in Print
Erling T. Teigen

Lured from the Water, the Little Fish Perish
Norman Nagel

The Word as Means of Grace
Leiv Aalen

Philip Jacob Spener and the Demise of the Practice of Holy Absolution in the Lutheran Church
Gerald S. Krispin

Forgiveness of Sins and Restoration to Office
James A. Nestingen

Theology as Unfolding the Article of Justification
Klaus Schwarzwaller

Ecumenism as Fellowship and Confession in the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America
Erling T. Teigen

Bach, Chronicles, and Church Music
John W. Kleinig

The Borga (Porvoo) "Common Statement"
Tom G.A. Hardt

Does Luther Have a Future in Germany?
Jobst Schone

Liturgical Worship for Evangelicalism and Outreach
James Tiefel

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