22-4 Potpourri (ePub)

22-4 cover.jpg
22-4 cover.jpg

22-4 Potpourri (ePub)


Reformation 2013: Volume 22, Number 4

ePub version


Adam, Aaron, and the Garden Sanctuary
Robert Hinckley

The Lutheran Doctrine of Original Sin in Light of Other Christian Traditions
Jordan Cooper

Our Hiding Place: Nominalism's Undermining of the Certainty Given in Holy Baptism
Joshua Hollman

Ubiquity and Epiphany: Luther's Doctrine of the Lord's Presence in Space and Time
Harold Ristau

Moritz Brauninger: Pioneer and Victim of the Mission to the Indians
Hans Rossler, Translated by Karl Boehmer

The Long Ending of Mark: Debating the Origin of the Last Twelve Verses
Neil L. Carlson


Review Essay: Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics
By Ross Douthat. Review by Jack Kilcrease

On the Church: Theological Common Places XXV
By Johann Cerhard. Review by Jack Kilcrease

The Devil's Whore: Reason and Philosophy in the Lutheran Tradition
Edited by Jennifer Hockenbery Dragseth. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Jesus, Paul, and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright
Edited by Nicholas Perrin and Richard B. Hays. Review by Travis Berg

On the Reliability of the Old Testament
By K.A. Kitchen. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Worship as Repentance: Lutheran Liturgical Traditions and Catholic Consensus
By Walter Sundberg. Review by Brian Saunders

Changing Churches: An Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran Theological Conversation
By Mickey L. Mattox and A.G. Roeber. Review by David P. Scaer

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