23-4 Wittenberg, Wall Street, & Welfare (ePub)

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23-4 Wittenberg, Wall Street, & Welfare (ePub)


Reformation 2014: Volume 23, Number 4

ePub version

In Memoriam: Kenneth George Hagen 
Timothy Maschke 


Luther on Wall Street and Welfare 
Carter Lindberg 

Social Entrepreneurship, the Public Good, and Amos 
Jerry Poppe 

Luther’s Christological Giving and the Welfare State 
Eric Worringer 

Call and Ordination 
Naomichi Masaki  

The Institution Narrative in Current Liturgical Scholarship 
James Ambrose Lee II 


Review Essay: Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Commentary
By Arland J. Hultgren. Review by Peter J. Scaer 

Who is Jesus? Disputed Questions and Answers
By Carl E. Braaten. Review by Adam Koontz 

Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood
By Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Mary J. Moerbe. Review by Grant Knepper

Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future
By Thomas Korcok. Review by Ken Schurb

Theology is Eminently Practical: Essays in Honor of John T. Pless
Edited by Jacob Corzine and Bryan Wolfmueller. Review by Mark Mattes

Introduction to Scholastic Theology
By Ulrich Leinsle. Translated by Michael Miller. Review by Jack D. Kilcrease

Defending Constantine: The Twilight of an Empire and the Dawn of Christendom
By Peter Leithart. Review by Jack D. Kilcrease



  • Making Use of Present Things! 
  • Ministry & Congregation 
  • The Layman in the Church  
  • Holy Absolution: The Voice of God for You! 
  • Marriages Made in Heaven 
  • Why I Changed My Mind 
  • Home? 
  • Mormonism Christian? Really? 
  • Obstacles to Evangelism in the Church 
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