24-4 Called and (or?) Ordained (Kindle)

24-4 cover.jpg
24-4 cover.jpg

24-4 Called and (or?) Ordained (Kindle)


Reformation 2015: Volume 24, Number 4

Kindle version

Editor's Introduction
James M. Braun


"Equipping the Saints"?: Why Ephesians 4:11-12 Opposes the Theology and Practice of Lay Ministry 
Robert Mayes

Does Ephesians 5:21 Support Mutual Submission?
John G. Nordling

Should Lutherans Be Mainline Protestants? 
Mark Mattes


Ken Schurb: Response to Dr. Naomichi Masaki


Review Essay: Great Commission, Great Confusion, or Great Confession: The Mission of the Holy Christian Church
By Lucas V. Woodford. Review by Bryan Wolfmueller

Review Essay: A Case for Character: Towards a Lutheran Virtue Ethics
By Joel Biermann. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Review Essay: Letters to Lutheran Pastors, Volume I, 1948-1951, and Volume II, 1951-1956
By Hermann Sasse. Translated and Edited by Matthew C. Harrison. Review by Mark Mattes

Review: Foundations in Ritual Studies: A Reader for Students of Christian Worship
Edited by Paul Bradshaw and John Melloh. Review by James A. Lee II

Review: Entering a Clerical Career at the Roman Curia, 1458-1471.
By Jussi Hanska and Kirsi Salonen. Review by Richard J. Serina, Jr.


  • The Preaching Office: Some Random Observations 
  • Never Indulge!
  • Walking Together in the Brotherly Office
  • An Open Letter to Dr. Matthew Becker
  • A Lutheran Approach to Theology
  • Fools' Gold Galore on Offer at the Wally and Frankie Show
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