Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics: Christology

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Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Vol VI.JPG

Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics: Christology


Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series: Christology, Vol. VI, 113 pgs, hardcover

By David P. Scaer

This dogmatic resource is based upon the outline and thought pattern of the Lutheran Confessions. The series is strictly and consciously confessional in its presentation of doctrine and its assessment and analysis of modern theological trends throughout the Christian church.



  1. Christology in the Post-Enlightenment Era
  2. Past and Present Christological Controversies
  3. The Preexistence and Incarnation of the Son of God
  4. The Virgin Birth of Christ
  5. Christology in the Preaching of Jesus
  6. The Implications of the Personal Union: The Offices of Christ and the Communication of Attributes
  7. The Sacrificial Death of Christ
  8. Christ’s Descent into Hell
  9. The Resurrection of Christ
  10. The Ascension and Second Coming of Christ

From the book

 “In the first paragraph of his Christology, Dr. [Francis] Pieper makes a pointed and critical reference to Adolph von Harnack’s famous dictum from 1900, now almost one hundred years old: “The Gospel, as Jesus proclaims it, has to do with the Father only and not with the Son.” Pieper responds that “the Gospel has to do not only with the Father, but also with the Son.” This volume is committed to the truth of Dr. Pieper’s observation and will demonstrate that the Gospel, the teaching about Jesus, did not originate with our own tradition or that of the Lutheran Confessions. It did not even begin with the apostle Paul, but with Jesus Himself. The Gospel is not only about Jesus but comes from Him. (Preface, p. xv)

“Lutherans understand that the Incarnation so closely united the two natures in one person that it becomes impossible to understand the human nature as separate or autonomous from the divine. The human nature may and must be worshiped.” (p. 59)

About the Author

Dr. Kurt E. Marquart was Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dr. Marquart died in 2006. He is the author of “‘Church Growth’ as Mission Paradigm: A Confessional Lutheran Assessment” in Church and Ministry Today: Three Confessional Lutheran Essays (St. Louis: The Luther Academy, 2001), the book Anatomy of an Explosion: A Theological Analysis of the Missouri Synod Conflict, and numerous articles, and is a frequent speaker at theological and pastoral conferences at the regional and national level. He is perhaps the most noteworthy apologist (i.e., defender) for confessional Lutheranism of the present generation.

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