1-1 First Issue (PDF)

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LOGIA 1-1.jpg

1-1 First Issue (PDF)


Reformation 1992: Volume 1, Number 1


Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology – An Introduction
By the Editors

The Church’s Confession
Hermann Sasse, Translated by Matthew Harrison

The Universal Priesthood in the Lutheran Confessions
Erling Teigen

The Church: Hospital or Gymnasium?
Ken Schurb

Church Fellowship and Altar Fellowship in the Light of Church History
Martin Wittenberg, Translated by John Bruss

Two Sermons on the Holy Supper
Martin Luther from the House Postil


Review Essay: Memoirs in Exile: Confessional Hope and Institutional Crisis
By John Tietjen

Confessing the Faith: Reformers Define the Church, 1530–1580
By Robert Kolb

The Foolishness of God: The Place of Reason in the Theology of Martin Luther
By Siegbert Becker


  • Löhe’s Nightmare
  • Consumerism and the Church
  • Fictional Ethics 
  • Greener Pastures
  • Just a Big Misunderstanding?
  • Brave New Church
  • Where Is the Mote?
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