10-1 Luther and Bible Translation (PDF)

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10-1 Luther and Bible Translation (PDF)


Epiphany 2001: Volume 10, Number 1


Preparing A New Bible Translation in Luther's Day
Arnold J. Koelpin

Bible Translations among Luther's Heirs
Andrew E. Steinmann

Caveat Emptor! Let the Buyer-and the Reader-Beware!
Armand Boehme

Does Method Drive Biblical Study?
Kenneth Hagen

Lutheran Hermeneutics
David P. Scaer


REVIEW ESSAY: Confessions of a Church Growth Enthusiast: An Evangelical, Confessional Lutheran Takes a Hard Look at the Church Growth Movement
By Kent Hunter. Review by Klemet Preus

Martin Luther's Theology: Its Historical and Systematic Development
By Bernhard Lohse. Review by John Arthur Maxfield

"The Way to Heavens Doore": An Introduction to Liturgical Process and Musical Style. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 2
By Steven Plank. Review by Brian J. Hamer

A Theology of Music for Worship Derived from the Book of Revelation. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 3
By Thomas Allen Seel. Review by Brian J. Hamer

Hymnology: A Collection of Source Reading. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 4
By David W. Music. Review by Brian J. Hamer

Music in Early Christian Literature. The Cambridge Readings in the Literature of Music
By James McKinnon. Review by Brian J. Hamer

The Bestman, the Bride, and the Wedding
By Michael L. McCoy. Review by Michael R. Scudder

A Little One amidst the Shadows
By Michael L. McCoy. Review by Michael R. Scudder


  • On Translating

  • Truth, Unity, Love

  • Uniform Ceremonies

  • For Barbers and Others

  • The Common Service

  • A Confessional Revival in Worship

  • Clubbing the World

  • Tetelesthai

  • Luther on Music in the Schools

  • St. Peter's Confession

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