10-2 Sin, Sickness, & Salvation-Seelsorge (PDF)

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10-2 Sin, Sickness, & Salvation-Seelsorge (PDF)


Eastertide 2001: Volume 10, Number 2


Sin, Sickness, and Salvation from Nazareth to Lake Wobegone
David G. Schoessow

A Study in Luther's Pastoral Theology
Gerald S. Krispin

Your Pastor Is Not Your Therapist: Private Confession — The Ministry of Repentance and Faith
John T. Pless

The Formation of a Pastoral Preacher
Keith A. Haerer

Steven A. Hein

Two Pastoral Parables
Andrew Eckert

John W. Kleinig


Ars et Musica in Liturgia: Essays Presented to Casper Honders on His Seventieth Birthday. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 1
Edited by Frans Brouwer and Robin A. Leaver. Review by Brian Hamer

Handbook to Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts
By Melvin P. Unger. Review by Brian Hamer

Biblical Quotation and Allusion in the Cantata Libretti of Johann Sebastian Bach. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 5
By Ulrich Meyer. Edited by Robin Leaver. Review by Brian Hamer

Hymntune Index and Related Hymn Materials. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 6
Compiled by D. DeWitt Wasson. Edited by Robin A. Leaver. Review by Brian Hamer

Instruments in Church: A Collection of Source Documents. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 7
By David W. Music. Review by Brian Hamer

Medieval Music as Medieval Exegesis. Studies in Liturgical Musicology 8
By William T. Flynn. Review by Brian Hamer

God at War: The Bible and Spiritual Conflict
By  Gregory A. Boyd. Review by Dale J. Nelson

Melanchthon in Europe: His Work and Influence Beyond Wittenberg
Edited by Karin Maag. Review by James Heiser


  • Dominus Iesus and Why I Like It
  • Christians Are No Skeptics
  • A Medieval Creation
  • Don't QuarrelArgue
  • Allegories
  • Out of the Mouths of BabesAlmost
  • The Busy Pastor
  • His Name, His Works
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