10-4 Wittenberg & Rome (PDF)

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LOGIA 10-4.jpg

10-4 Wittenberg & Rome (PDF)


Reformation 2001: Volume 10, Number 4


A Lutheran Response to the Christology and Natural Theology of the Papal Encyclical Dominus Iesus
Klaus Detlev Schulz

Paschasius Radbertus and the Sacrifice of the Mass: A Medieval Antecedent to Augustana XXIV
Travis D. Stolz

Luther and the Mass: Justification and the Joint Declaration
Daniel Preus

Around the Throne They Stand: The Birth of a Hymn
Daniel Preus and Jon D.Vieker

The Imposition of Ashes: Roman Ceremony or Lutheran Confession?
Jon D.Vieker

Andreas Osiander and the Fifth Chief Part
Robert Hinckley


The First Epistle to the Corinthians
By Anthony Thistleton. Review by Peter Scaer

The Synodical Conference: Ecumenical Endeavor
By Armin Schuetze. Review by Lawrence Rast

Servant of the Word: The Life and Ministry of C. F.W.Walther
By August R. Suelflow. Review by Todd A. Peperkorn



  • A Perspective from Old Books
  • Ein’ Feste Burg
  • Singing Ourselves out of Lutheranism
  • Commending Pietism
  • Order Matters
  • Pop Music in Christian Worship
  • Luther as Visitor
  • Ministers Identified
  • Proclaiming the Cross
  • Do Not Lose Heart
  • Viva! to the Baptized
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