11-3 Vocation & Sanctification (PDF)

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LOGIA 11-3.jpg

11-3 Vocation & Sanctification (PDF)


Vol. 11, No. 3, Holy Trinity 2002

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Vocation: Fruit of the Liturgy
John T. Pless

Third Use of the Law in Light of Creation and the Fall
Piotr J.Malysz

The Distinction of Grades of Sin in the Book of Concord and the Early Lutheran Fathers
James D. Heiser

Gustaf Wingren’s Confession of the Doctrine of Creation for an Understanding of Vocation and Sanctification
Eric R. Andrae


REVIEW ESSAY: Augustine and the Catechumenate. By William Harmless.

That I May Be His Own: An Overview of Luther’s Catechisms. By Charles Arand. Review by Paul Gregory Alms

Interpreting the Old Testament: A Guide for Exegesis. Edited by Craig C. Broyles. Review by Chad L. Bird

The Shape of Sola Scriptura. By Keith A. Mathison. Review by Dale Nelson

The Westminster Handbook to Reformed Theology. Edited by Donald K. McKim. Review by LeRoy Leach

Church and Ministry Today: Three Confessional Lutheran Essays. Edited by John Maxfield. Review by Thomas L. Rank



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