13-1 After Postmodernism (PDF)

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LOGIA 13-1.jpg

13-1 After Postmodernism (PDF)


Epiphany 2004: Volume 13, Number 1

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What Comes After Postmodernism?
Frederic W. Baue

Coming to Grips with "Civility": A Strategy for the Postmodern Parish
David R. Liefeld

Ministry to Recovering Secularists: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lutheran Church after Postmodernism
Paul T.McCain

Nietzsche On Christianity: A Baptismally Informed Analysis
Kent A. Heimbigner

Cambridge and the Early English Reformation
Korey D. Maas


Recovering Mother Kirk: The Case for Liturgy in the Reformed Tradition
By D. G. Hart. Review by Wade Miller

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: Luke
Edited by Arthur A. Just Jr. Review by Peter J. Scaer


  • Disposable Crosses
  • Communing with Caesar
  • The Church in a Pagan Culture
  • Upon Closer Examination
  • Uncommon Language
  • Preachers, Poets, and Prophets
  • Why Not Christ the King Sunday?
  • How Did It Ever Get Started? Notes on a Theological Fiction
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