13-3 Theological Education: Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio (PDF)

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LOGIA 13-3.jpg

13-3 Theological Education: Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2004: Volume 13, Number 3

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Loci Communes, A Theologian's Best Friend: Or, How to Make the Theological Tool of Your Dreams
Benjamin T. G. Mayes

Playing the Discarded Image Card
Paul Lehninger

Does It or Doesn't It? Apology XXIV and Eucharistic Prayers
Armand J. Boehme

Magnus Consensus: The Unity of the Church in the Truth and Society's Pluralism
Reinhard Slenczka


REVIEW ESSAY:  Luther und Paulus: Die exegetischen und hermeneutischen Grundlagen der lutherischen Rechtfertigungslehre im Paulinismus Luthers
By Volker Stolle. Review by John Stephenson

A Tale of Two Synods: Events That Led to the Split between Wisconsin and Missouri
By Mark E. Braun Review by Paul W. Alliet

Living By Faith. Justification and Sanctification
By Oswald Bayer. Translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley Review by Klaus Detlev Schulz

Sermon Studies on Selected Psalms
Edited by John A. Braun. Review by Mark Braden


  • Shortage of Pastors in Luther's DayEducation Necessary
  • Christian Schools the Future of Christendom
  • Do Not Neglect the Languages
  • Divine Service in German, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew
  • Study Required for Public Preaching
  • The Philistines Are Coming
  • Judicial Activism in the Church
  • David Benke, Yankee Stadium and Rock and Roll
  • Who Believes in and Worships the One True God in Luther's Large Catechism?
  • Sasse on the Eucharistic Prayer
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