13-4 Articulus Stantis et Cadentis Ecclesiae (PDF)

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LOGIA 13-4.jpg

13-4 Articulus Stantis et Cadentis Ecclesiae (PDF)


Reformation 2004: Volume 13, Number 4

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Justification as the Center: A Dutch Lutheran View on the Problems of the Doctrine of Justification
Klaas Zwanepol

Luther's Reformation and Its Ongoing Relevance Today
Martin R. Noland

The Decline of Christianity in Europe
Kenneth Hagen

Luther on the Resurrection: Genesis Lectures, 1535-1546
Paul T. McCain

Liturgy and Dogma
John R. Stephenson


Deconstructing Evangelicalism Conservative Protestantism in the Age of Billy Graham
By D. G. Hart. Review by Grant Knepper

The Sermon on the Mount: The Church's First Statement of the Gospel
By David P. Scaer. Review by Jody A. Rinas

The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text
By G. K. Beale. The New International Greek Testament Commentary. Edited by I. Howard Marshall and Donald A. Hagner. Review by Jody A. Rinas

A More Radical Gospel: Essays on Eschatology, Authority, Atonement, and Ecumenism
By Gerhard Forde. Edited by Mark C. Mattes and Steven D. Paulson. Review by John T. Pless

Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity
By Larry Hurtado. Review by Peter Scaer


  • A Question of Methodology
  • Tradition and Innocent Ceremonies
  • Hope: A Review
  • You Should Have Edited the Crow Scene, Mel
  • Implications for the Eucharistic Prayer
  • The Unseen Groundhog
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