14-2 Justification After JDDJ (PDF)

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LOGIA 14-2.jpg

14-2 Justification After JDDJ (PDF)


Eastertide 2005: Volume 14, Number 2

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Justification and Holy Scripture: Sola fide et sola Scriptura
Armin Wenz

Certainty of Salvation
Gottfried Martens

In Statu Confessionis: Origins and Development
Albert Collver

Two Principles for an Extended Conversation Regarding Genuine Lutheran Teaching and Scholarship
Gregory Schulz

Res. 3-08A - Women and "The Office"
David O. Berger


REVIEW ESSAY: The Book of Concord: The Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
Edited by Robert Kolb and Timothy J. Wengert; translated by Charles Arrand, et al. Review by Erling T. Teigen

Sana Doctrina: Heilige Schrift und theologische Ethik
By Armin Wenz. Review by Holger Sonntag

Ecumenical Luther: The Development and Use of His Doctrinal Hermeneutic
By Richard P. Bucher. Review by David H. Petersen

The Lonely Way: Selected Essays and Letters Volume II (1941-1976)
By Hermann Sasse. Translated by Matthew C. Harrison. Review by John T. Pless


  • Luther On The Knowledge of God
  • A Living Force  Congregations
  • H. Ruhland and the Lutheran Territorial Churches
  • The Confidence of a Competent Minister
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