14-3 Lutheran Hymnals in America (PDF)

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LOGIA 14-3.jpg

14-3 Lutheran Hymnals in America (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2005: Volume 14, Number 3

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God’s Song in a New Land: Taking a Closer Look
Jon D. Vieker, guest editor for Holy Trinity 2005


“The Most Beautiful Hymns in the World”: The Hymns and Hymn Writers of Early LCMS English Hymnals
Jon D. Vieker

Trusty Steed or Trojan Horse? The Common Service in the Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book
James L. Brauer

The Formation and Flow of Worship Attitudes in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
James P. Tiefel

A Tale of Frustrated Lutheran Hymnal Revision
D. Richard Stuckwisch

The Role of Music in Worship: An Evaluation of Two Twentieth-Century Developments
Bryan Gerlach

An Annotated Bibliography of Resources for the Historic One-Year Lectionary
Brian Hamer

Christian Worship in Retrospect
Charles L. Cortright

The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary: Looking Back
Thomas Rank

Parting Ways: New Lutheran Hymnals at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
Holger Sonntag


Review Essay: The Law in Holy Scripture
Edited by Charles A. Gieschen. Review by Mark C. Mattes

Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism: Choir, Congregation, and Three Centuries of Conflict 
By Joseph Herl. Review by Holger Sonntag

Understanding Paul: The Early Christian Worldview of the Letter to the Romans
 By Stephen Westerholm. Review by Peter J. Scaer

Vulgarians at the Gate: Trash TV and Raunch Radio: Raising the Standards of Popular Culture
By Steve Allen. Review by Armand J. Boehme

Apostolicity Then and Now: An Ecumenical Church in a Postmodern World 
By John J. Burkhard. Review by Mark Menacher

The Great Divide: The Failure of Islam and the Triumph of the West
By Alvin J. Schmidt. Review by Mark F. Bartling



  • Sterility
  • Public Condemnation of Sin
  • Excerpts on the Eucharistic Prayer
  • Adapted Translation of Bo Giertz’s Holy Week Homilies
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