14-4 Luther Studies Today (PDF)

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14-4 Luther Studies Today (PDF)


Reformation 2005: Volume 14, Number 4


Luther Speaks to Us Today
Martin Brecht, Translated by Michael J. Albrecht and Peter Petzling

Christians in Society: Luther's Teaching on the Two Kingdoms and the Three Estates Today
Knut Alfsvag

James M. Kittelson's Contribution to Luther Biography
Ken Schurb

St. Hilary's Trinitarian Theology and Luther's Theology of Incarnate Omnipresence
Robert Mayes

Luther and the Pastoral Theology of the Lord's Prayer
Bruce G. McNair

Visitation, Worship, and Uniformity
Frederic W. Baue


REVIEW ESSAY: Communio Sanctorum: The Church as the Communion of Saints: Official German Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue
Translated by Jeske, Root, and Smith, Review by Mark D. Menacher

Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History
By David Klinghoffer. Review by Frederic W. Baue

Song of Songs. Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms
By Richard S. Hess. Review by Chad L. Bird

One With God: Salvation as Deification and Justification
By Veli-Matti Karkkainen. Review by Mark C. Mattes

The Song of Songs: Interpreted by Early Christians and Medieval Commentators
Translated and edited by Richard A. Norris Jr. Review by Chad L. Bird

Jesus Remembered: Christianity in the Making, Vol. I
By James D. G. Dunn. Review by Jack D. Kilcrease III

The Paradoxical Vision: A Public Theology for the Twenty-first Century
By Robert Benne, Review by Jack D. Kilcrease III

A Life of John Calvin: A Study in the Shaping of Western Culture
By Alister E. McGrath. Review by Jack D. Kilcrease III

The New Faithful: Why Young Christians Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy
By Colleen Carroll. Review by Armand J. Boehme



  • Reformation Day Sermon 1943
  • Martin Chemnitz and A Smoked Theology
  • Friday In The Week Of Invocavit
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