17-4 Wittenburg & Athens (PDF)

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LOGIA 17-4.jpeg

17-4 Wittenburg & Athens (PDF)


Reformation 2008: Volume 17, Number 4

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Wittenberg and Athens
Carl P. E. Springer


Melanchthon and the Wittenberg Reception of Hellenism, 1518–1526: Bonae Literae et Renascentes Musae
Jon Steffen Bruss

The Spadework and Foundation: Tools of Greek New Testament Study
Kevin L. Gingrich

Luther’s Aesop
Carl P. E. Springer

The Use of Logic in Lutheran Theology
Anders Kraal

A Pure Critique of Reason: Reason within the Limits of Sound Theology Alone
James A. Kellerman

Wittenberg: What to Do with Aristotle?
Mark D. Nispel

The Lutheran Mind and Its University
Martin R. Noland


Engaging the Doctrine of God: Contemporary Protestant Perspective
Edited by Bruce L. McCormack. Review by Mark Mattes

Problems with the Atonement: The Origins of, and Controversy about, the Atonement Doctrine and
Options on the Atonement in Christian Thought

By Stephen Finlan. Review by David P. Scaer

Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal
By Glenn Tinder. Review by Mark Mattes

Imaging the Journey . . . of Contemplation, Meditation, Reflection, and Adventure
By Mark C. Mattes and Ronald R. Darge. Review by John T. Pless

Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible: The Social and Literary Context
By David Instone-Brewer. Review by Jacob Corzine

Lag och evangelium som tal om Gud — en analys av synen på lag och evangelium hos några nutida lutherske teologer: Pannenberg,
Wingren og Scaer (Law and Gospel as Talk about God — an analysis of the view of Law and Gospel in some contemporary
Lutheran theologians: Pannenberg, Wingren, and Scaer)

By Tomas Nygren. Review by Knut Alfsvåg

Christian Charity in the Ancient Church
By Johann Gerhard Wilhelm Uhlhorn. Translated from German, with a Preface by Matthew C. Harrison. Review by Albert B. Collver

The God Who is Triune: Revisioning the Christian Doctrine of God
By Allan Coppedge. Review by Mark C. Mattes


  • A Tribute: What We Have Learned from Issues, Etc.
  • Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm”
  • Disappearing through Anthropomorphism
  • Luther, Lutherans, and the Philosophers
  • More Verses to Two Hymns
  • The Return from Egypt
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