18-2 Spirituality (PDF)

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18-2 Spirituality (PDF)


Eastertide 2009: Volume 18, Number 2

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God’s Smile: Worship as Source of Christian Life
Carl Axel Aurelius

Flood Logic: Tending the Means of Grace
James Arne Nestingen

Doctrine and Practice: Resisting the Influence of Evangelicalism
Klemet Preus

The Jesus Prayer: A Form of Russian Piety in Theological Perspective
Reinhard Slenczka

The Night Will Soon Be Ending: Jochen Klepper: Lutheran Hymn-writer in Dark Times
Holger Sonntag

Eucharistic Themes in the Gospels
David P. Scaer


Review Essay: To Live with Christ. By Bo Giertz
Translated by Richard Wood (ed.) and Bror Erickson. Review by Eric R. Andrae

Exercitium Pietatis Quotidianum Quadripartitum (1612). Lateinisch-Deutsch
By Johann Gerhard. Review by Armin Wenz

Religion and the Death Penalty: A Call for Reckoning
Edited by Erik C. Owens, John D. Carlson, and Eric P. Elshtain. Review by Peter J. Brock

Christianity’s Dangerous Idea: The Protestant Revolution — A History from the Sixteenth Century
to the Twenty-First

By Alister McGrath. Review by Shawn D. Stafford 

My Light and My Salvation
By Kurt E. Reinhardt. Review by Stephen P. Starke

Social Ministry in the Lutheran Tradition
Edited by Foster R. McCurley. Review by John T. Pless


  • A Brave New Church
  • The Fruits of Revivalism: Death or Resurrection?
  • On Glory, Suffering, and the Cross: In the Wake of Shooting Sprees and Massacres
  • In Praise of Two Theologians: Norman Nagel and Kenneth Korby
  • Elijah and Löhe: Robust Food through the Nourishment of God
  • Brudersamt
  • Divorce Court
  • Remembering Reed
  • Pastor Klaus Ganzert
  • Three Poems
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