18-3 JDDJ After Ten Years (PDF)

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LOGIA 18-3.jpg

18-3 JDDJ After Ten Years (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2009: Volume 18, Number 3

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Scott Murray, coeditor with Mark Mattes



BLOGIA PREVIEW—Tributaries into the River JDDJ: Karl Holl and Luther’s Doctrine of Justification
Armand J. Boehme

JDDJ After Ten Years
Gottfried Martens, translated by Jacob Corzine

Ten Years After JDDJ the Ecumenical Pelagianism Continues
Mark D. Menacher

Developments in Ecumenical Theology and Lutheran-Roman Catholic Church Relations Since JDDJ
Theodor Dieter

JDDJ After Ten Years: A Roman Catholic Response
James B. Anderson


Review Essay: The Hammer of God as Catechesis
By Bo Giertz. Review by John T. Pless

Review Essay: Usus und Actio: Das Heilige Abendmahl bei Luther und Melanchthon mit einem
Geleitwort von Prof. Dr. Reinhard Slenczka, D.D., sowie Zusammenfassungen in englischer,
schwedischer und finnischer Sprache

By Jürgen Diestelmann. Review by John R. Stephenson

Christ Have Mercy: How to Put Your Faith in Action
By Matthew C. Harrison. Review by Samuel Schuldheisz

The Genius of Luther’s Theology: A Wittenberg Way of Thinking for the Contemporary Church
By Robert Kolb and Charles P. Arand. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Justification and Participation in Christ: The Development of the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification
from Luther to the Formula of Concord (1580)

By Olli-Pekka Vainio. Review by Jack Kilcrease



  • Walther on Absolution
  • When God Is the Problem
  • Neuhaus: A Critique
  • A Spiritual Man in a Secular World
  • Christ the Curse for Us!
  • Much Ado about Nothing?
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