19-3 Mary and Lutherans (PDF)

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LOGIA 19-3.jpg

19-3 Mary and Lutherans (PDF)


Trinity 2010: Volume 19, Number 3

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Mary and the Pope: Remarks on the Dogma of the Assumption of Mary
Hermann Sasse, Translated by Matthew Harrison

Semper Virgo: A Doctrine
David P. Scaer

Mariology of Luther’s The Magnificat and That Jesus Christ was Born a Jew
Voldemars Laucins

The Pauline Phrase “Obedience of Faith” in Aquinas and Luther
Daniel B. Gallagher

Proclamation and Communication in Lutheran Worship Resources
Brian Hamer


Review Essay: Luther’s Genesis Lectures and the Formation of Evangelical Identity.
By John A. Maxfield. Review by Thomas Egger

The Theology of Facts Versus the Theology of Rhetoric. By August Friedrich Christian Vilmar. 
Translated by Roy Harrisville. Review by William C. Weinrich

At Home in the House of My Fathers: Presidential Sermons, Essays, Letters, and Addresses from the Missouri Synod’s Great Era of Unity and Growth.
Compiled, translated, and annotated by Matthew C. Harrison. Review by Albert B. Collver, III

Baptism: Three Views..
Edited by David F. Wright. Review by David P. Scaer


  • When Faith Loses Its Virginity
  • The Resurrection Promise
  • The Road that Leads Home
  • An Eschatological Law & Gospel! Part Two
  • On the Office of the Keys, Absolution, and Confession
  • When Jesus Is No Longer Judge but Savior
  • Mary Sings a Magnificent Song
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