2-1 The Holy Ministry (PDF)

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LOGIA 2-1.jpg

2-1 The Holy Ministry (PDF)


Epiphany 1993: Volume 2, Number 1


Church & Ministry Part I: Exegetical and Historical Treatment
Jobst Schöne

The Integrity of the Christological Character of the Office of the Ministry
David P. Scaer

Called & Ordained: Reflections on the New Testament View of the Office of the Ministry
William Weinrich

Forgiveness of Sins & Restoration to Office
James A. Nestingen

A Call for Manuscripts

The Office of the Holy Ministry in the Life of the Church: A View from the Parish
Roger D. Pittelko


Review Essay: A Famine in Lutheranism
The Goal of the Gospel: God’s Purpose in Saving You
By Philip M. Bickel and Robert L. Nordlie

Evangelicalism and the Liturgical Movement and Their Effects on Lutheran Worship
By Charles J. Evanson

Why Catholics Can't Sing
By Thomas Day

Teaching God’s Children His Teaching: A Guide for the Study of Luther’s Catechism
By Robert Kolb

The Healing Presence: Spiritual Exercises for Healing, Wellness and Recovery
By Thomas A. Droege

Anatomy of a Merger: People, Dynamics, and Decisions that Shaped the ELCA
By Edgar R. Trexler


  • If We Confess Our Sins . . .
  • Oreos
  • Tinker, Tinker
  • certus sermo
  • All the World’s a Stage?
  • Wheels within Wheels
  • Public Worship and Concord
  • Logomachy
  • Luther’s Hausandacht
  • Lay Celebration of the Sacrament of the Altar
  • To the Diaspora
  • Sexuality as Aliquid in Homine
  • Change for Change’s Sake
  • When the First Article Cannot Come First
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