2-3 Evangelicalism & the Gospel (PDF)

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LOGIA 2-3.jpg

2-3 Evangelicalism & the Gospel (PDF)


Holy Trinity 1993: Volume 2, Number 3


Eujaggelisthv": Evangelist?
John M. Moe

A Lutheran Strategy for Urban Ministry: Evangelism and the Means of Grace
Robert W. Schaibley

The Method of Meta-Church: The Point of Truth and the Points that Trouble
Kenneth W. Wieting

A Call for Manuscripts

Reaching the TV Generation: Meeting the Challenge of Short Attention Spans
An Interview Moderated by Ken Schurb

Liturgical Worship for Evangelism and Outreach
James Tiefel

A Confessional Lutheran Encounters American Religion: The Case of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken
David A. Gustafson

“How Christ Is Denied”: A Sermon by C.F.W. Walther
Translated by John Nordling


Review Essay: Pray for the Increase of Preaching against Satan
Luther, Man Between God and the Devil

By Heiko Oberman

Themes and Variations for a Christian Doxology
By Hughes Oliphant Old

How to Reach Secular People
By George G. Hunter, III

Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics: Eschatology
By John Stephenson

Scripture within Scripture
By Bruce G. Schuchard



  • Your God Is Too Big
  • Pearls before Swine
  • Instruction or Religious Entertainment?
  • Effective Fishing
  • Gottesdienst and Evangelical Identity
  • The Joy of the Divine Service
  • The Quest for Urban Hope
  • Meta-Church: Pastors as CEO’s
  • Misconceptions in Evangelism
  • The Night of the Living Reconcilers
  • Either/Or
  • Tell Me, Pastor
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