20-1 Lutheranism in Europe (PDF)

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LOGIA 20-1.jpeg

20-1 Lutheranism in Europe (PDF)


Epiphany 2011: Volume 20, Number 1

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Does Luther Have a Future in Germany?
Jobst Schöne

The Leuenberg “Concord”
Jobst Schöne

Aspects of Lutheran Identity: A Confessional Perspective
Werner Klän, Trans. Frederick S. Gardiner

Controversial Church Music—Then and Now
Robert Mayes


Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation 
By Oswald Bayer. Review by Michael Larson

Desire, Gft, and Recognition: Christology and Postmodern Philosophy
By Jan-Olav Henriksen. Review by Mark Mattes

Embodied Faith: Reflections on a Materialist Spirituality
By Ola Tjørhom. Review by Mark Mattes

The Banff Commission and The Jasper Commission
Edited by Donald K. McKim. Review by Jacob Corzine

Theologie und Gebet bei Luther: Untersuchungen zur Psalmenvorlesung 1532-1535
By Matthias Mikoteit. Review by Holger Sonntag

Christliche Gebet für alle Not Vnd Stende der Gantzen Christenheit
By Johann Habermann. Review by Armin Wenz


  • The Hour of the SELK
  • A Sermon on the Holy Trinity
  • What Is the ELFK?
  • Love the Languages as You Love the Gospel!
  • Dare to Be Lutheran?
  • Standing on Scripture!
  • Dollars and Seats, Reverend!
  • Our Savior in a Manger Lay
  • Teach Me to Wither with Joy
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