20-2 Walther Bicentennial (PDF)

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Cover XX-2 Web 1.jpeg

20-2 Walther Bicentennial (PDF)


Eastertide 2011: Volume 20, Number 2

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Quia Subscription to the Confessions: Examining the Question of Hermeneutical Direction 
Erling Teigen

A Law-Gospel Enchiridion
Armand J. Boehme

Are Evangelical Ministers Successors of the Apostles? 
Johann Gerhard

Ecclesia Anglicana Hodie: How Fare Our Anglican Cousins? Some Reflections Dedicated to Norman Nagel
John Stephenson


Review Essay: Ziel und Ende: Einweisung in die christliche Endzeiterwartung: “Der Herr ist nahe” 
By Reinhard Slenczka. Review by Holger Sonntag

Review Essay: I & II Kings 
By Peter J. Leithart. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Christian Worship Supplement 
Review by Kevin Hildebrand

Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics 
By Adolf Hoenecke. Review by Jack Kilcrease

The Baptized Body 
By Peter J. Leithart. Review by Jack Kilcrease

A House for My Name: A Survey of the Old Testament 
By Peter J. Leithart. Review by Jack Kilcrease

The Theology of the Cross: Reflections on His Cross and Ours
By Daniel M. Deutschlander. Review by Thomas Reeder, Jr.


  • Remembering a Remarkable Mask of God
  • Walther the Publisher
  • The Gospel Bearing Fruit in Africa
  • Wrestling for Grace
  • Guarding the Good Deposit! Standing on Scripture! Part Two
  • The Subjective Power of an Objective Gospel
  • Luther, Non-Christians, and the One True God: Another Go
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