20-3 The Third Sacrament (PDF)

Logia XX-3 cover.jpg
Logia XX-3 cover.jpg

20-3 The Third Sacrament (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2011: Volume 20, Number 3


The “Third Sacrament”: Confession and Repentance in the Confessions of the Lutheran Church
Werner Klan, Translated by Mathias Hohls

The Confessional Homily: Thoughts on an Atypical Sermon Form
Christoph Barnbrock, Translated by Mathias Hohls

Confessional Addresses
Sunday of Laetare 1909

Herman Bezzel

Sunday of Reminiscere 2009
Hans-Jorg Voigt

Sunday of Exaudi 2010
Armin Wenz
Translated by Mathias Hohls

The Seal of the Confessional and Maintenance of Confidentiality in Pastoral Practice
Craig A. Meissner

Bioethics and Honoring Humanity: A Christian Perspective
Mark Mattes

I, Monad, Take Thee, Monad
David O. Berger


A Graeco-Roman Rhetorical Reading of the Farewell Discourse. By John C. Stube. 
Review by Daniel Johansson

Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary and Theological Survey. 
By Mark Allan Powell. Review by Peter J. Scaer

The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus. 
By Dale C. Allison Jr. Review by Peter J. Scaer

Solomon Among the Postmoderns. 
By Peter J. Leithart. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Theological Commonplaces, Exegesis IV: On Christ.
By Johann Gerhard. Review by Jack Kilcrease

The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia.
By Tim Tzouliadis. Review by Armand J. Boehme

The Cry for Myth. By Rollo May..
Review by John G. Nordling .


  • Confession and Absolution: Justification by Faith in Action
  • Private Confession: Do We Dare?
  • As Newborn Babies
  • Justification and Absolution in Harmony
  • Peter’s Mouth is Christ’s Mouth!
  • Standing on Scripture! Part Two
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