21-4 Lutheranism & Anti-Semitism (PDF)

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21-4 Cover.jpg

21-4 Lutheranism & Anti-Semitism (PDF)


Reformation 2012: Volume 21, Number 4

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Luther’s Alleged Anti-Semitism
Ronald F. Marshall

Luther and the Jews
Roland H. Bainton and Prime Minister Menachem Begin

Bonhoeffer and Sasse as Confessors and Churchmen: The Bethel Confession and Its Intended but Unfulfilled Purpose
David Jay Webber

“God Did Not Reject His People”: Thomas Aquinas on the Jews in Romans 9–11
Shannon Turner

Sapphire Lukhoth and Blood-Sprinkled Kapporeth: The Ten Commandments in Context
Robert Hinckley

Berthold von Schenk, Catholicity, and the Lord’s Supper
Brent Kuhlman


Review Essay: Jonas Propheta: Zur Auslegungs- und Mediengeschichte des Buches Jona bei Martin Luther und im Luthertum der Barockzeit: Mit einer Edition von Johann Matthäus Meyfarts. Tuba Poenitentiae Prophetica (1625)
By Johann Anselm Steiger. Review by Armin Wenz

Martin Luther, German Savior: German Evangelical Theological Factions and the Interpretation of Luther, 1917–1933
By James M. Stayer. Review by Martin R. Noland

Theological Education Underground: 1937–1940
Victoria J. Barnett and Barbara Wojhoski, General Editors. Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works. Review by John T. Pless

The Barmen Theses Then and Now
By Eberhard Busch. Review by John T. Pless 

The Real Luther: A Friar at Erfurt and Wittenberg
By Franz Posset. Review by Jack Kilcrease  

Luther and the Beloved Community: A Path for Christian Theology after Christendom
By Paul Hinlicky. Review by Jack Kilcrease

A Love for Life: Christianity’s Consistent Protection of the Unborn
By Dennis R. Di Mauro. Review by Peter J. Brock


  • Reestablishing Private Absolution, Part Three
  • A Foretaste of the Feast to Come!
  • The Scars of Christ the Crucified
  • Ecclesiastical Fascism, Part Two
  • Crazy about Indulgences?
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