25-1 Reading John's Gospel (PDF)

25-1 cover.jpg
25-1 cover.jpg

25-1 Reading John's Gospel (PDF)


Epiphany 2016: Volume 25, Number 1

PDF version

Preface to Reading John's Gospel
Dennis Marzolf


John 6 and Historic Lutheranism 
Armand J. Boehme

More than Metaphor
Patrick James Bayens

Educational Horizons in Wilhelm Lohe: Pointing to Holy Communion as an Introduction to Living Justification
Wolfhart Schlicting, Translated by Wolf Dietrich Knappe

JDDJ and Its Official Discussion in the Finnish Lutheran Church: A Clarification or an Obscuration? 
Simo Kiviranta and Timo Laato


Review Essay: "You Have the Words of Eternal Life": Transformative Readings of the Gospel of John from a Lutheran Perspective
Edited by Kenneth Mtata. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Review Essay: 1-3 John
Concordia Commentary. By Bruce G. Schuchard. Review by Aaron Hambleton

Review: Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible Through Palestinian Eyes
By Mitri Raheb. Review by Timothy Koch

Review: Rudolf Bultmann: A Biography
By Konrad Hammann. Review by Adam Koontz

Review: Gratia in Augustine's Sermones ad Populum during the Pelagian Controversy: Do Different Contexts Furnish Different Insights?
By Anthony Dupont. Review by Edward A. Naumann

Review: The Self-Donation of God: A Contemporary Lutheran Approach to Christ and His Benefits
By Jack Kilcrease. Review by Donavon Riley


  • Good Theology/Bad Theology
  • Holy Marriage: The New Normal According to God's Word
  • John 20 and the Divine Mandate for Absolution
  • The Lesson of Tullian's Sin
  • A Red Biretta in the Offing for Al Gore?
  • Of Angels and Pastors
  • John 6: The Sacraments Are What Evangelicals Are Looking For!
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