25-4 Simul justus et peccator (PDF)

25-4 cover page.jpg
25-4 cover page.jpg

25-4 Simul justus et peccator (PDF)


Reformation 2016: Volume 25, Number 4

PDF version

Aaron Moldenhauer


On Being Simul: Scriptural Elucidations and Pastoral Applications
William M. Cwirla

The Simul and Two Kingdoms: The End of Time, Twice
Steven D. Paulson

Between Openness and Hiddenness: The Simul of the Sighing Creation
Joshua C. Miller

Simul Justus et Peccator in the Office of the Ministry: A Sermonic Examination from Lutheran Confessional Sources  
Mark D. Menacher

Luther's Only Common Priesthood: 1519-1523
Kristian T. Baudler


Review Essay: Beloved Community: Critical Dogmatics after Christendom
By Paul Hinlicky. Review by Jack Kilcrease

Luther Reed: The Legacy of a Gentleman and a Churchman
By Philip H. Pfatteicher. Review by Adam Koontz

Dona Gratis Donata: Essays in Honor of Norman Nagel on the Occasion of His Ninetieth Birthday
Edited by Jon D. Vieker, Bart Day, and Albert B. Collver III. Review by Mark Mattes

Isaiah 40-55 and Isaiah 56-66
By R. Reed Lessing. Concordia Commentary. Review by Mark Mattes


  • Kliefoth’s Entwicklung
  • Dr. Luther Dares to Say It!
  • Saints and Sinners in Conflict Resolution
  • Why Bother with the Sacraments?
  • Ordination: Consecration & Benediction!
  • One-off annus horribilis or New Normal?
  • Gospel & Mission
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