28-1 The Holy Cross as Mark of the Church (PDF)


28-1 The Holy Cross as Mark of the Church (PDF)


Epiphany 2019: Volume 28, Number 1

PDF version

Editor's Introduction
Martin R. Noland


Our Lamentable Lacuna: How Western Churches Have Undermined the Plausibility of Christian Faith
Gregory P. Schulz

In This, Conquer: The Cross and Crucifix, Convention and Confession
Eric Zacharias

The Devil in the Details: Satan in the Passion Narratives
Eamonn M. Ferguson

Priesthood and Office
Roland Ziegler

A Study of “Only” and “Only-begotten”
Clarence Priebbenow


Pledge Allegiance: A Believer’s Guide to Kingdom Citizenship in 21st-Century America
By David Crump. Review by Joel Biermann

Wholly Citizens: God’s Two Realms and Christian Engagement with the World
By Joel Biermann. Review by Graham B. Glover

John Frederick the Magnanimous: Defender of Martin Luther and Hero of the Reformation
Compiled by Dr. Georg Mentz. Translated by James Langebartels. Review by John A. Maxfield

American Religion: Contemporary Trends
By Mark Chaves. Review by Theodore J. Hopkins

Faith in the Hidden God: Luther, Kierkegaard, and the Binding of Isaac
By Elizabeth Palmer. Review by David Coe

The Life, Works, and Witness of Tsehay Tolessa and Gudina Tumsa, The Ethiopian Bonhoeffer
Edited by Samuel Yonas Deressa and Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. Review by Carl Rockrohr

Suffering and Evil in Early Christian Thought. Edited by Nonna Verna Harrison and David G. Hunter
Review by James Hopkins


  • LOGIA and the Missouri Synod Colleges and Universities

  • The Sign of the Cross as a Mark of a Christian

  • The Holy Cross as [Seventh] Mark of the Church

  • The Anglicani — Angli and Their Overseas Sympathizers

  • A Local Measure Only?

  • The Lord’s Prayer as the Bridge Between Baptism and Holy Communion

  • The Cross for Closing Eyes

  • Distinguishing Between Cause and Effect in the Sacraments

  • What Did You Expect?

  • The Gift of Shame

  • All His: Call, Office, You!

  • Where Google’s No Use


Mining Nuggets from the Fathers
J. S. Bruss

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