3-1 Piety & Pastoral Care (PDF)

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3-1 Piety & Pastoral Care (PDF)


Epiphany 1994: Volume 3, Number 1


The Outer Limits of a Lutheran Piety
Steven A. Hein

Conditional Forgiveness and the Translation of 1 John 1:9
John M. Moe

Preaching to Preachers: Isaiah 6:1–8
Donald Moldstad

1 Corinthians 11:29—“Discerning the Body” and Its Implications for Closed Communion
By Ernie V. Lassman

Using the Third Use: Formula of Concord VI and the Preacher’s Task
Jonathan G. Lange

The Law and the Gospel in Lutheran Theology
David P. Scaer

Angels Unaware
Paul R. Harris

A Call for Manuscripts

Only Playing Church? The Lay Minister and The Lord’s Supper
Douglas Fusselman


David Scaer: A Reply to Leonard Klein


REVIEW ESSAY : Translating the Bible: An Evaluation of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).
Pastoral Care and the Means of Grace

By Ralph Underwood

A Common Calling: The Witness of Our Reformation Churches in North America Today
Ed. by Keith F. Nickle and Timothy F. Lull

One Ministry Many Roles: Deacons and Deaconesses through the Centuries
By Jeannine E. Olson

Messianic Exegesis: Christological Interpretation of the Old Testament in Early Christianity
By Donald Juel


  • Pastor, Couldn’t We . . . ?
  • Demand and Delight
  • Too Much to Read?
  • The Common Priesthood
  • Fearful Proof
  • Uppsala Colloquy + 400
  • The Once and Future Church
  • Profiles in Ministry
  • Synod X and Synod Y
  • Gladly in the Midst
  • Resourcing the Resource
  • Confessional Stewardship
  • A House Dividing? Reflections on GCC ’93
  • Doctrine and Practice
  • Shared Voices / Different Vision
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