3-3 Potpourri (PDF)

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LOGIA 3-3.jpg

3-3 Potpourri (PDF)


Holy Trinity 1994: Volume 3, Number 3


Worship: The Activity of the Trinity
Jim Bushur

Let Us Pray: A Historical Examination of the Collect of the Day
David P. Saar

What Is Ministry?
Bruce Bitter

Cybernetics in the Church: The Spiritual Gift of Church Government and Administration
Hans-Lutz Poetsch

Lutherans and Rome on Justification: "Fundamental Consensus"?
Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.


Review Essay: No Other Gospel! Christianity among the World?s Religions
By Carl Braaten

Holy Things: A Liturgical Theology
By Gordon W. Lathrop

Is There a Synoptic Problem?
By Eta Linnemann

Beyond Charity: Reformation Initiatives for the Poor
By Carter Lindberg

Dietrich Bonhoeffer — His Significance for North Americans
By Larry Rasmussen

The Future of Christology: Essays in Honor of Leander E. Keck
Edited by Abraham J. Malherbe and Wayne A. Meeks

The Apostles' Creed: A Faith to Live By
By C. E. B. Cranfield

Ministry in the New Testament
By David L. Bartlett

Heresy and Criticism: The Search for Authenticity in Early Christian Literature
By Robert M. Grant


  • In the Name of the Father
  • The Freedom of Pigs
  • When the Gospel Isn't Working
  • Augustinians Anonymous
  • Herman's Gnosticism
  • The Priestly Rule of Discipline
  • Luther on Vocation
  • Taps Bugled for Church Management 
  • Mothers as Fathers on Mothering Sunday 1994
  • Death as a Mother
  • As Go the Schools, So Goes the Synod
  • It's All Russian to Me
  • St. Michael and All Angels
  • What Does It All Mean? Casting a Vision
  • On Silencing the Lord's Song
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