3-4 Preaching & Catechesis (PDF)

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LOGIA 3-4.jpg

3-4 Preaching & Catechesis (PDF)


Reformation 1994: Volume 3, Number 4


Catechesis for Life in the Royal Priesthood
John T. Pless

Preaching and Teaching the Creed: The Structures of the Small Catechism’s Explanations as Guides
Alan Ludwig

Johann Michael Reu’s Conception of the Sunday School
Paul I. Johnston

Preaching on Preaching: Postils, the Predigtamt, and the People in the Lutheran Reformation, 1546–1600
Patrick T. Ferry

A Call for Manuscripts

Law-Gospel Preaching: Giving the Gifts
Timothy Quill


Ken Schurb: Church and Ministry—Issues at the Meeting Point


Review Essay: “Church Growth” as Mission Paradigm: A Lutheran Assessment. By Kurt Marquart
Ashamed of the Gospel: When the Church Becomes Like the World

By John MacArthur Jr.

Courageous Churches: Refusing Decline, Inviting Growth
By Paul T. Heinecke, Kent R. Hunter, David S. Luecke

Proclamation: Advent/Christmas
By William H. Willimon

Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons
By Mark J. Cares

Lutheran Worship: History and Practice
Ed. Fred L. Precht

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly and The Hilarity of Community
By Marva J. Dawn

Raising Up a Faithful Priest: Community and Priesthood in Biblical Theology
By Richard D. Nelson



  • The Year Luther Quit Preaching
  • A Missionary Catechism
  • Prefacing the Catechisms
  • Toppling Satan’s Bulwarks
  • Confirmation: A Coat of Many Colors
  • Ministry’s Office From Luther’s Pulpit
  • Confessional Lutherans in Kenya
  • What Is an Evangelical Lutheran?
  • It’s Time to Celebrate!
  • Real Life Worship Readers
  • Psychology and the Spiritual
  • A Minority on Minorities
  • What Is Catechesis?


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