4-1 The Lord's Supper (PDF)

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LOGIA 4-1.jpg

4-1 The Lord's Supper (PDF)


Epiphany 1995: Volume 4, Number 1


New Directions
Charles J. Evanson

Reflections on the Appropriate Vessels for Consecrating and Distributing the Precious Blood of Christ
John R. Stephenson

The Angels Are Aware . . . and We are Too
Paul R. Harris

The Epiclesis and Lutheran Theology
William E. Thompson

Medicine of Immortality
David G. Schoessow

A Call for Manuscripts


Review Essay: No Place for Truth: Or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology? by David F. Wells
The Ongoing Feast: Table Fellowship and Eschatology at Emmaus

By Arthur A. Just Jr.

Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture
By Gene Edward Veith Jr.

Fortress Introduction to Lutheranism
By Eric W. Gritsch

The Law and Its Fulfillment: A Pauline Theology of the Law
By Thomas R. Schreiner

On Being Christian
By Henry P. Hamann

Paul Schneider: The Witness of Buchenwald
By Rudolf Wentorf. Translated by Franklin Sanders

Many Gifts, One Lord
By Harley G. Schmidt

The Fatherhood of God from Origen to Athanasius
By Peter Widdicombe



  • Free Recourse to Joy
  • Nothing But Fig Leaves
  • A Little Yeast
  • A Spiritual Perversion
  • That Same Old Manna
  • Not Many, But Much
  • Turn Back, You Folks
  • Lex Orandi Revisited
  • Our Daily Calling
  • Dangerous Liasons
  • God Damned It
  • Holy Communion Needs No Delta Force
  • The Quest for God
  • 4000 Hymnals to Go, Please
  • The Body of Christ Illustrated
  • Colloquium Viatorum
  • A Sauer Note
  • The New Measures
  • Ministry a la Mode
  • Reforming the Ceremonies
  • Confessional Lutherans in Latvia
  • Translation Watch
  • Fruit of the Vine
  • Discerning the Body
  • Tappert’s Omission
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