4-3 Potpourri (PDF)

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LOGIA 4-3.jpg

4-3 Potpourri (PDF)


Holy Trinity 1995: Volume 4, Number 3


Atonement Motifs in the Formula of Concord
Paul Lehninger

Martin Luther on Coming to God from "Below" in Its Implications for the Church Today
Lowell C. Green

Law and Gospel: The Lutheran Ethic
Scott Murray

Paul Gerhardt: Confessional Subscription and the Lord's Supper
Gerald Krispin

Confessing the Faith in the Language of America: The Historical Context and Enduring Significance of the Henkel Translation of the Book of Concord
David Jay Webber

Baptism in the New Testament
Clarence Priebbenow


Review Essay: THE SECOND MARTIN: The Life and Theology of Martin Chemnitz
By J. A. O. Preus

A Theology of the New Testament
By George Eldon Ladd

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life
By Karl Barth

The Revelation of John: A Continental Commentary
By Juergen Roloff. Translated by John E. Alsup

Preach the Gospel: A Textbook for Homiletics
By Joel Gerlach and Richard Balge

Salt, Light, and Signs of the Times: An Intimate Look at the Life and Times of Alfred Rip Rehwinkel
By Ronald W. Stelzer

By James Limburg

The Emperor and the Gods
By Daniel N. Schowalter

St. Paul at the Movies: The Apostle's Dialogue with American Culture
By Robert Jewett

The Contemplative Pastor: Returning to the Art of Spiritual Direction
By Eugene H. Peterson


  • The Problem with A Mighty Fortress
  • The LWML Pledge
  • The 44 of '45 in '95
  • Constitutional Horror
  • The Tyranny of the Familiar
  • The State of Denominations
  • Out of Africa
  • The Offense of Closed Communion
  • Have Gift, Will Travel
  • The Service is Divine
  • Grace-Full Use
  • Community of Joy?
  • Except for Rituals
  • Promise Keepers, Losers Weepers
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