4-4 Hermann Sasse (PDF)

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4-4 Hermann Sasse (PDF)


Reformation 1995


Ne Desperemus
Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Hermann Sasse in His Letters
Tom G. A. Hardt

Hermann Sasse and North American Lutheranism
Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Law and Gospel in Hermann Sasse
Jobst Schöne

Medicine of Immortality and Antidote against Death
Norman E. Nagel

A Call for Manuscripts

Hermann Sasse and the Australian Lutheran Scene
J. T. E. Renner

Hermann Sasse and EKiD—1848: The Death of the Lutheran Church
Matthew Harrison

On American Lutheranism
Hermann Sasse

Dr. Herman A. Preus: In Memoriam
Robert D. Preus


J. Barclay Brown: The LWML Pledge
William W. Carr Jr.: More on the LWML Pledge
Alan Ludwig: A Further Concern
E. L. Eckhardt: On Promise-Making


Review Essay: God’s Word: Today’s Bible translation that says what it means

The Impact of the Reformation
By Heiko A. Oberman

Sermon Texts
Edited by Ernst H. Wendland

The Book of Acts in its Graeco-Roman Setting
Edited by David W. J. Gill and Conrad Gempf

After the Apostles: Christianity in the Second Century
By Walter H. Wagner

The Lord’s Supper: Toward an Ecumenical Understanding of the Eucharist
By Philippe Larere

Amusing Ourselves to Death
By Neil Postman

The Politics of Prayer: Feminist Language and the Worship of God
Edited by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Credible Christianity: The Gospel in Contemporary Society
By Hugh Montefiore



  • Sasse and a Pastor
  • St. Matthias’s Day
  • Sassedotalism
  • A Lutheran Mass for Christmas Morning
  • The World and the Ordination of Women
  • Cross Theology and the Theology of the Cross
  • Praying the Catechism
  • Figures from Within
  • Luther Lite
  • Arbeit Macht Frei
  • The Path Not Taken
  • Ministers as Administrators?
  • A Vision for Growing Churches
  • How Lutheran Hymnals Are Revised
  • The Ph.D. in the Parish
  • Forming the Priesthood
  • We Confess, He Builds
  • Instructions for the Visitors of Parish Pastors
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