5-1 Communio in Sacris (PDF)

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LOGIA 5-1.jpg

5-1 Communio in Sacris (PDF)


Epiphany 1996: Volume 5, Number 1


Robert David Preus: In Memoriam

Communion in Holy Things in the Old Testament
Alan Ludwig

The Holy Things for the Holy Ones
Joel A. Brondos

Lutheran Confessional Optimism after World War II: Hanns Lilje and Theodore Graebner
Edward A. Engelbrecht

A Call for Manuscripts

Concerning Church Fellowship
The Church of the Lutheran Confession, 1961


Doyle Theimer: The Language of Faith
Burnell F. Eckardt Jr. Responds


REVIEW ESSAY: The Other Song Book
Compiled by David Anderson

Reformed Reader: A Sourcebook in Christian Theology
Edited by George Stroup

After Christendom? How the Church Is to Behave if Freedom, Justice, and a Christian Nation Are Bad Ideas
By Stanley Hauerwas

The Fabricated Luther: The Rise and Fall of the Shirer Myth
By Uwe Siemon-Netto

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
By Mark Noll

The Hindu Connection: Roots of the New Age
By Victor Raj

God with Us: Pastoral Theology of Matthew’s Gospel
By Mark Allan Powell

Catechism of the Catholic Church



  • Conversation and Consolation
  • Style, Style, Style
  • The Holiness Quest
  • The Law in Christian Sanctification
  • Falsehood, Violence . . . and Mother’s Day
  • Lenten Sermon
  • Alternative Worship
  • Report: Forward in Faith
  • Teaching the Kyrie
  • Taglines
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